For many of you this is a first class in your college career and for many this class has felt, shall we say a little “loosey-goosey”. You’ve been evaluated based on doing things, but not necessarily on the quality of the work. Part of this has been to create room inside of the class structure for exploration and creativity. Part of this has also been to train you all in how to help evaluate and support one another (the critiques etc). And part of it has been about getting CritViz up and going.

I want to point out, however, that with each culminating assignment in a unit (for example, the transmedia story that is due on 9/16) you’ll be evaluated on the quality of your work by me, Abby, and Josh. So, if you haven’t figured out how to relate media nodes across a narrative, if you don’t yet have a compelling story with a clear sense of place, of character, of conflict – well, that’s going to be reflected in your grade.

So – please be aware that we’ve created and will continue to create space for you to work/workshop/explore and ask questions. As a consequence, we expect that you’ll have amazing transmedia stories by the end of next week that help us see how you’re hard at work prototyping some kind of dream.