Hi everyone,

On Wednesday you’ll be working with a partner to figure out how to best ensure that your “SciFi Objects” help to tell your story about an imagined technology or techno-world. Imagine that what you’re doing is starting to build out an entire transmedia world in which your technology is featured. Think hard about why/what you include in that world. In all good world building lots of things are left out in order to focus on what best advances the stories.

Here are a couple of examples of transmedia stories to help you as you’re working on your revisions and workshopping (yes, you should be working on this over the next several days)

The Roswell Experience (this, GoT, and Breakdowns are promotional for Conductrr platform, but they also give you a good overview of how and why things work)

Game of Thrones In Place (Spanish)


DC Comic’s Batman (comic book) + Batman Begins (film) + Arkham Knight (video game)

Be ready not only to workshop your ideas in class on Wednesday with your partner, but also to be randomly called up to talk us through your idea in a live speed crit.