This assignment will lay the groundwork for your final independent project in the class. The proposal lays out a plan of attack for your final project, demonstrating that you have thought through an idea, come up with a compelling narrative and developed a plan for how to complete the work.

You may complete the final project on your own or in a team with up to 3 members. If you form a team you need to make that decision before the Final Project Proposals are due. Also, groups need to submit a one-paragraph document explaining how they divided the labor for the final project. Each group member must contribute to each component (below).


The proposal will have two components:

Creative Component

A conceptual blueprint of your artistic idea (this is your technology that you’ve been working on). This can be a series of sketches, a written description, a literal blueprint or some other kind of early-stage rendering that clearly shows what you are hoping to accomplish. (~2 pages of material)

Written Outline

A written outline (2-3 pages) that includes:

  1. A description of the story you will be creating alongside your creative work
  2. 1-2 paragraphs on influences and related work. Cite sources using MLA style.
  3. A brief timeline for how you will get everything finished on time


This project will be evaluated alongside your final project, with a combined value of 25% of your final course grade. Therefore it is important that you invest your time early on in creating a strong proposal so that the final outcome will be well thought out. You will be evaluated on several criteria.

Organization and Content

Does the project include each of the sections described above under Structure? Is the content clearly written, free of typographical errors and correctly cited?

Critical Thinking

Does this proposal define a clear and intellectually rigorous approach to the final creative project? Does the proposal offer a clear view of how the project relates to similar work done by others?

Design & Creative Thinking

Does the proposal describe a final project that is creative and exciting? Is this project something that the author can reasonably be able to accomplish in the final few weeks of the semester?


The final draft of this assignment is due before Noon on Monday, November 16 via CritViz

Additional Resources

MLA Style


Example Works Cited