Total of 140 points are possible.

Organization and Content (20 pts)
Did the project deliver complete creative, narrative and live performance components?
Is the content clearly written and free of typographical errors?

Creative Component (40 pts)

Does the creative component offer a polished aesthetic experience?
Does the project give us a new and compelling vision of a future world?
Does the project demonstrate a clear, understandable and effective design aesthetic/philosophy?
Is the creative component designed so as to easily facilitate the user experience (i.e. does the project layout and/or interface focus attention on the most important creative elements of the work)?

Narrative (40 pts)

Does the story make sense?
Does it draw the reader in?
Does the project effectively invite readers into your dream of a potential future?
Do the creative and narrative components work well together to create a heightened sense of believability?

Live Performance (40 pts)

Does the performance effectively introduce us to the dream you have prototyped?
Was the performance polished and focused?
Did the performance make effective use of the time allotted without running over time or ending too early?
Did the performance deepen or enhance our understanding of the story?