Class Schedule: MW 12:00-1:15 pm, Stauffer B 125

Professor: Jacqueline Wernimont, Ph.D. | jwernimo@asu.edu

Teaching Assistants:

Abagail Oakley | ahoakley@asu.edu

Joshua Gigantino | joshua.gigantino@asu.edu

Office Hours

Wernimont: MT 9:30-10:30 a.m., location to be determined

Oakley: MW 10:30-11:30, LL205

Gigantino: MW 11:00-12:00 Stauffer-B 238

AME Policies and forms (including facilities access):



How do you build your dreams? This introductory-level course will explore the idea of inspirational prototyping across multiple media, including physical fabrication, prose writing, science fiction, and virtual worlds. Students will create and iterate their own prototypes for visions of the future: new technologies, solutions to grand challenges, and tools or systems that expand the horizon of human potential. These prototypes do not have to be functional tools, but they must be functional stories, effectively sharing the creator’s vision with others. Just as the Star Trek communicator inspired early cellphones, these prototypes will help shape new conversations about the future we want to build. Over the course of the semester we will survey a series of creative paradigms for inspirational prototyping, including design fiction, rapid fabrication and 3D printing, science fiction prototyping, gaming and virtual world-building. As a focal thematic, this course will consider time machines – both in the literal sense of technologies that traverse or keep time, but also in the sense of how do machines encode or embody certain temporalities or awareness of time. There are no prerequisites for this class and students at every level are encouraged to enroll.


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