Key Terms

Poiesis – to make, generate

Mimesis – mirroring

Ekphrasis – “speaking picture”

Scientia – knowledge (about the world based on observation and experiment)

Techne – craft or art (knowledge about the making of things)

Thalience – “what comes after science. After we learn how the world appears to us, the next logical step is to find out how the world appears to the world.”

Transmedia Storytelling – telling a story across multiple media

Design Fiction – bringing together science fact, science fiction, and design principles, design fiction casts a critical eye on current object forms and the interaction rituals they allow and disallow.

Physical Fictions – objects and environments that tell stories and model new ideas

Affordance – actions that an object or tool enables – a relationship between an actor (person) and an object (technology)

Constraint – limitations on actions in the relationship between actor and object

Critical making / Critical design – reflective practice of making and design that is itself a critique of the status quo